NOVEMBER 19, 2001
Flight 587 crash was no accident
© 2001

I have been flooded with a wide assortment of conspiratorial scenarios over the years. There is an entire industry brimming with conspiracy factoids and whole-cloth fiction. However too often some people will quickly marginalize a theory as "conspiracy wackoism' despite overwhelming evidence to suggest that something just doesn't pass the smell test.

I am not an aviation expert. The bulk of my aviation experience beyond semi-regular commercial flights has been jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. However, notwithstanding protestations to the contrary, I am considered reasonable.

American Airlines Flight 587, which came apart in the air over Long Island and crashed into homes in Rockaway, N.Y., was not an accident.

The tail section and two engines do not fall off by accident.

Like most Americans, I was relieved to hear the tragedy of Flight 587 was not an act of terrorism. Now, failing any contrary evidence, it seems most likely to have been an act of sabotage. My confidence in the same government players who have been feeding us bovine excrement since the downing of TWA Flight 800 has dropped below the perception of nanotechnology.

I recently had a caller to my WorldNetDaily syndicated talk show who identified himself as a United Airlines pilot with over 27-years experience. I asked him three questions:

  1. Have you ever heard of a plane losing the tail section like Flight 587? He said, "No."
  2. Have you ever heard of a plane losing two engines like Flight 587? He said, "No." Although he had heard of one engine dropping off as a result of traumatic weight shifting.
  3. Have you ever heard (in all aviation history) of a situation in which a modern aircraft has lost the tail and two engines spontaneously? He said, "Absolutely not! And if that were possible I'd stop flying."
Statistically, the probability of any commercial airplane losing the tail section the way Flight 587 did is incomprehensible. Statistically, the probability of any commercial airplane losing two engines the way Flight 587 did is equally incomprehensible. To combine two monumentally incomprehensible statistical anomalies doesn't just double the improbability -- there would be a compounded geometric explosion of zeros following the decimal point.

Flight 587 was not an accident. We are being told what we want to believe. We are being stroked, conned and b.s.-ed by a government and aviation industry already suffering because -- as Jack Nicholson's colonel said in "A Few Good Men" -- "You can't handle the truth!"

Check out WorldNetDaily Washington bureau chief Paul Sperry's piece.

The Federal Aviation Administration, focusing on form over substance, has not posted any of their newfound cadres of guards at jet ways and jet bridges or next to planes at night at JFK or any airports. The American Airlines plane that became Flight 587 reportedly left Monday morning after having been parked all night following a flight from Miami. Compare that to airline sources that say, when Saudi jets land at Logan International, two armed guards are posted outside the plane all night.

You can't take a nail clipper on a commercial flight but the aircraft itself -- the equipment -- apparently is left unguarded?

The FBI has in its custody videotape that could show exactly what happened to American Airlines Flight 587. New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Tom Kelly confirmed to the Daily News Friday that the agency has given surveillance videotapes from Cross Bay Blvd. and Marine Parkway bridges to the FBI.

According to the News, "One tape captures the plane taking off from JFK."

Cross Bay Blvd. and Marine Parkway traverse Jamaica Bay, where the plane's vertical stabilizer was discovered intact after the crash.

Dozens of eyewitnesses have reported they saw an explosion and/or a fire at the juncture of Flight 587's wing and fuselage moments before it began to break up, losing its tail first, then both its engines. Multiple sources tell us the air conditioning unit of an airplane is located there and emits a bunch of heat. Reportedly anything "heat seeking" would home in on the air conditioning unit's heat.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators have examined the engines and found no evidence of mechanical failure. Although we were told catastrophic engine failure was the probable cause -- that dog won't hunt.

Now we are supposed to believe that wind turbulence from another plane is the most likely cause of the crash. I don't think so! In addition to the United Airlines captain who called me, a former jumbo-jet veteran pilot who was quoted in the New York Post was also highly skeptical of the turbulence theory.

"If wind turbulence caused that accident, I'll never fly again," said Barry Schiff, who flew 747s for TWA.

Why hasn't the FBI released (or at least commented on) the video they have? Their silence, coupled with again ignoring eyewitness testimony only fuels the building fire of conspiracy.

The FBI is allegedly playing a secondary role in the investigation behind the NTSB. Why was the video grabbed by the FBI and not the NTSB?

I now believe Flight 587 was the victim of sabotage. I do not believe this is some extraordinary statistical probability anomaly. I believe the government knows it was not an accident and in a misguided attempt to "protect" us from the truth (and slow down the financial hemorrhaging of the airline industry) they are blowing smoke.

If or when (God forbid) another airplane falls from the skies, a portion of the blame for the lost lives will need to be assumed by the misguided and duplicitous government bureaucrat who incorrectly assumed "You can't handle the truth!"