FEBRUARY 5, 2001
Protect the borders
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At various times over the years I have ranted on about the dangers of the very real illegal-alien invasion that threatens the remnants of the republic.

My harsh criticism is not in any way tainted with any flavor of racism, but rather on the operative qualifier to the immigration problem -- "illegal." An illegal alien is by definition a lawbreaker. This is not a socioeconomic challenge. It is a criminal problem.

I remember a caller to my talk program years ago who was intent on branding me a racist and vehemently rejected my use of the phrase "illegal alien." He shouted, "We are not illegal aliens. ... we are 'undocumented workers'!"


If an individual from another country enters this country illegally, they are illegal aliens. The child or senior citizen put at risk of grave physical threat is not an "undocumented worker" but an illegal.

Congressman Duncan Hunter's black-sheep brother, John Hunter, is attempting to destroy the last and largest barrier to illegal immigration that exists along our entire southern border.

This barrier is bigger than any other barrier we have -- including mountain ranges and bombing ranges and fences -- and far more effective than the entire U.S. Border Patrol.

What is it? It is the Imperial Irrigation District canal -- 80 miles of moat between the U.S. and Mexico. It is a significant and formidable obstacle.

John Hunter is attempting to force the Imperial Irrigation District to install ropes across their 80-mile canal. Huh? Hey, I'm not making this up folks. According to the wacko Hunter these ropes are supposed to act as a method of safe transit for illegals into the United States. He cries, "We must stop the drownings." Gosh, Johnnie, why don't you just build bridges for the future welfare scammers and drug runners?

If Hunter gets his way it will convert an 80-mile long, 150-ft.-wide moat, which stops illegals from crossing into America, into a freeway. A freeway American taxpayers will be subsidizing for generations.

This canal is the longest single barrier to illegal Mexican immigration that exists along our entire southern border. The destruction (or accommodation) of this obstacle will quite literally open the underbelly of America to massive illegal immigration, and expedite yet more drug trafficking.

Hunter The Weird actually admitted in a public meeting that if the Imperial Irrigation District balks at his plan he will slap them with "massive lawsuits." On what grounds? Has this clown been out in the sun too long?

Last time I checked it was still a crime to assist in the commission of a crime. Illegal entry is still a crime, and the second time caught it is a felony.

Hunter has admitted that the ropes are not intended to act as "life savers" but actually to be used as a method of "safe passage" for thousands of illegals to cross the canal. Excuse me? Isn't that assisting in the commission of a crime?

The plan (which to rational, normal people seems absurd) calls for ropes every 200 yards along the 80-mile stretch. Each rope will cost over $1,000 -- nearly a million tax dollars to lure Mexicans to America.

Gosh-oh-gee-golly why not station rafts and require the INS to help usher the invaders to safety?

Even Imperial Irrigation District Board members are concerned that these ropes will turn their canal into the high road for drug smugglers and other criminals -- as well as a lure for the desperate unfortunates of Vicente Fox's paradise. They are powerless to stop the leftist forces wanting a borderless America.

The next IID meeting -- where John Hunter will present his plan to help destroy America -- is Feb. 8, 2001.

I strongly recommend any and all Americans call and write the IID and demand that they not assist Mr. Hunter in this scheme. Also if the bureaucrats roll over to the brain flatulence and threats of Hunter, please someone, somewhere draft a lawsuit against the Imperial Irrigation District for criminal malfeasance.

By the way, you can write to the IID:

I recently received a column written by H. Millard. I didn't know where it ran or how to get a hold of him (or her) but I'd love to interview Millard on the air. The controversial and sure-to-be-vilified column ran at Alamance Independent and is dubbed "The Ugly Latino." Millard spins off the classic, loud, badly dressed obnoxious European-American tourist stereotyped in bad Chevy Chase movies.

Millard writes, "The Ugly Latino is now in America. He's come not as a tourist, but as a conqueror. He's come not to be assimilated, but to assimilate. He's come not to fulfill the saying 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do,' but to remake Rome in his image. The Ugly Latino knows that it would be futile to try to attack and conquer America with armed forces. That would just rally Americans. Instead, the Ugly Latino is conquering by simply walking across the border and by out breeding Americans in their own country so that eventually the Ugly Latino will be the majority."

The obvious question is "How can the Ugly Latino get away with this?" Well, they get away with it because they are allowed to get away with it by an intimidated, cowed European-American population that is more afraid of being called bad names than defending their country.

Millard notes, "The Ugly Latino has learned something from parts of the black civil rights movement." Whites can and will be intimidated into submission by accusing them of racism, bigotry and labels like "xenophobes."

Illegal aliens have and are stealing entry-level jobs from our young people. They are also responsible for putting a cap on the salaries that employers are willing to pay Americans.

Of course, all Latinos don't qualify for the "Ugly Latino" label any more than every American tourist deserves to be called the "Ugly American." It's not a race-encompassing term; it only applies to a specific group.

I recently received an e-mail from a listener/reader who wrote:

If we don't stop the invasion and don't fall victim to misguided PC-myopic reluctance to acknowledge it is an invasion, we will be responsible for the destruction of the republic -- especially when you recognize that the flood of illegal aliens results in overcrowded schools, more taxes (that you and I have to pay), more disease, traffic congestion, more crime and drugs.