JANUARY 22, 2001
Scooping the king scooper
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Wednesday I was about 20 minutes into my daily radio talk program when I received an e-mail from a long-time and very dependable source. I was on the air with it at 4:22 p.m.

"Do you want to scoop Drudge on his own blockbuster? Here it is. ... Here is the story Drudge will be releasing at 10:00 p.m. tonight." In all-caps the headline followed: "JESSE JACKSON TOOK PREGNANT MISTRESS TO WHITE HOUSE AT HEIGHT OF IMPEACHMENT."

It was the story of "Spiritual adviser to President Clinton Reverend Jesse Jackson" having personified hypocrisy, myopia and arrogance beyond hubris. His actions make Greek heroes and Beowulf appear modest.

Jackson's actions, his timing and his sanctimony, extreme insincerity, dissimulation, sanctimoniousness, pretense of virtue, shallowness and unbridled contempt for anything not Jesse Jackson was (and is) more than sufficient to gag a maggot.

I heard another talk-show host say it was no biggie, and it should be ignored. Jackson's sins were private. Wrong! Notwithstanding the mainstream media's non-reaction to this minor little speed bump, what do you suspect their reaction would have been had a white conservative Christian been the daddy?

I frankly never have and never will give a hoot what any two mutually consenting adults do in private. However, I, for one, will not let Jesse Jackson off with a simple "mea culpa," à la Jimmy Swaggart's "I have sinned."

Some wag once observed that any public figure who would presume to take credit for the rain must also assume responsibility for the drought. Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton and any and all public figures who would presume to instruct us cannot and should not be allowed the luxury of a double standard. There are consequences for what they do and don't do.

Jackson took "his pregnant mistress to an Oval Office meeting at the height of the Lewinsky Impeachment saga,"

Drudge wrote, "Washington will soon be jolted and storm clouds will form over Inauguration Weekend after a NATIONAL ENQUIRER expose alleges Jesse Jackson fathered a two-year old daughter conceived out of wedlock by a part-time RAINBOW COALITION staffer who was given $40,000 to relocate to Los Angeles where she now lives in a $365,000 multi-bedroom spread and receives a $10,000 a month stipend from Jackson, it is alleged."

Some, in defense of the indefensible, have noted that Jackson assumed responsibility for his illegitimate child and is "doing the right thing." Yeah, with OPM (other people's money). Where did the money for the alleged $40k move, the house and the $120k per year come from? From the intimidated ("blackmailed") corporate victims and mass of committed true believers in Jesse Jackson -- contributing to the hubris of a charlatan.

Clinton and Jackson -- a pair to beat a full house. The Wall Street Journal recently observed that "Mr. Clinton's failures didn't have much of anything to do with politics. Bill Clinton's flaw is that he sees everything in the whole wide world as his personal property. Mr. Clinton seems to have believed that he could use everything as he wished, not because he is an officer of the state of Arkansas or of the United States, but because he is Bill Clinton."

Likewise, Jackson's failures didn't have much of anything to do with religion. Jesse Jackson's flaw is that he sees everything in the whole wide world as his personal property. Jackson seems to have believed that he could use everything as he wished, not because of his self-proclaimed "public ministry," but because he is Jesse Jackson.

Beyond the personal tragedies wrought by Jackson's conduct, beyond the damage to his family, his followers and the families of his followers, beyond all the interpersonal havoc, his lust for the photo opportunity was flat-out stupid.

Drudge notes, "Clinton administration officials were bracing for yet another photograph, obtained by the ENQUIRER, which pictures Jesse Jackson, the pregnant mistress, President Bill Clinton, and RAINBOW COALITION executives smiling in the Oval Office." In the Oval Office!

Defenders of Jackson may argue the president was in need and Jesse was merely "ministering" to that need. Excuse me, that dog don't hunt!

Jesse was allegedly counseling Bill on the president's sin(s) of infidelity. Was the staged photo-op a spiritual counseling session or show and tell? Did the "reverend" try to heal the pain of the besieged president by comforting him with his own example of weakness and his own personal fidelity challenges? What on earth could have precipitated the brain flatulencies to drag along the evidence of his own hypocrisy? The controversial picture was taken on Dec. 3, 1998. Drudge first unleashed the Monica scandal (albeit, with the heavy lifting being done by Newsweek's Michael Isikoff) Jan. 17, 1998. This meeting took place at the very apex of the Clinton sex scandal.

And what advice and counsel did Jackson offer Clinton? Reportedly he said to take a contrite tone in his public explanation. Not unlike the contrite tone and sequestration he himself has now embraced. Please note, he didn't apparently say, "Repent"; he didn't apparently say, "Set aside your evil ways." No, the supposed spiritual guidance was to take a contrite tone, and "Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. And don't panic."

Gosh, at least Jesse is taking his own counsel. "Keep your eyes open" must have been Jackson's plan to go on the Black Entertainment Network with his statement of contrition, unless or until the Enquirer ran with the story. If battlefield intelligence indicated the Enquirer was going to run the story, preempt the sting with a public confession to a friendly audience. If the Enquirer intended to spike the story, then "keep your mouth shut."

According to Drudge, Jackson told Clinton once upon a time, "If you respond with a contrite heart, that obligates the public to respond with mercy."

Oh yeah? I don't think so. This public, and hopefully most reasonable people will not be manipulated by the disingenuous duplicity of perception over reality.

Jesse Jackson, no doubt, is sorry. Not unlike Bill Clinton, he is sorry that he got caught. It is phony, hollow and insulting for him to even try to seek high ground now.

Drudge wrote, "Jackson had been prepared earlier this week to preempt this story with an appearance on BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Jackson later pulled out of the appearance when it became unclear if the ENQUIRER was going forward."

This latest episode is another example of uncommon talent squandered by a petty, shallow and venial man. Jesse Jackson, like Bill Clinton has been blessed with extraordinary gifts. The Wall Street Journal noted, "it is another thing for an American President to assume with bottomless insouciance that a whole nation must condone his profligacy, both personal and political. The Clinton 'legacy' is a cheapening of our national life, and the question is how long will it take to repair the damage."

If Jesse Jackson had publicly acknowledged his sins and transgressions 20 months ago when his illegitimate child was born, and used his personal tragedy as a learning tool for good, he could have and should have been commended. However, to reward Jesse with our prayers and forgiveness for getting caught is not appropriate.

Jesse Jackson, like Bill Clinton, has proved himself to be a liar, a fraud, a hypocrite and one who abuses power under conditions of authority.

The Rev. Jesse Peterson just recently held his second National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson. Peterson says he will continue to hold the event annually until Jesse Jackson repents his wickedness. I told Peterson not to hold his breath unless two events happen: First, people will have to stop funding Jackson's ego, and, secondly, when Jackson calls a press conference and no cameras show up, then and only then may Jesse Jackson repent.