NOVEMBER 20, 2000
Gore loses
© 2000
  Last year at the height of the impeachment farce, many people claimed, "It couldn't get any worse." In the wake of every Clinton-Gore scandal, atrocity and degradation -- from Juanita Broaddrick to the Gore-Chernomyrdin agreement to conspire to withhold critical information from Congress, many people said just that: "It couldn't get any worse."

Wake up, America, and smell the scorched earth of the Clinton-Gore swan song.

Since the mainstream media have failed miserably in their responsibility to the American people, those who can still read may have to wait for academics and historians to objectively delineate the dissolution of the republic at the dirty hands of Democratic Party thuggery.

Paul Gigot had a classic line buried in the middle of his recent Wall Street Journal column, "Chicago Rules." He observed, "An abuse of power will continue until it fails." Clinton-Gore has codified abuse of power under the color of authority from mere standing operating procedure to axiom.

Many hopeful Bush sympathizers were waxing poetic on the justice delayed of the military vote count ending the Clinton-Gore reign of terror. Clinton-Gore has eviscerated the military for almost eight years and routinely and consistently provided aid and comfort to our enemies and potential enemies. To many who have watched nauseated at the attrition of our military, the disrespect, discourtesy and misuse of our military by Clinton-Gore, there was hope that the last (and perhaps most significant) military victory of the millennium would be won in a bloodless battle in the very venue those in uniform serve to protect. The ballot battle of 2000 would, could and should be a victory of good over evil.

I received a poignant e-mail from an old soldier, "Jack A.," who wrote, "Gore knows the military hates the Clinton-Gore record. We are sending troops on police details all over the world. Military funds have been spent on social projects instead of training or back up supplies to conduct a real military operation. Reminds me of my service in WWII: I was sent to training camp to use broom sticks and live in tent cities while the U.S. tried to rearm. We will do anything for the service boys/girls after the horse has been stolen, but we won't allow them to vote.

"Every branch of the services should set aside one day and allow every service person that didn't get a chance to vote to vote."

To that I say nice idea, but the Constitution the troops have sworn to preserve and protect prohibits that.

"They are voting with their feet and getting out of the Clinton-Gore armed service as fast as they can. They should be allowed to vote for a president that would change things for the better. Special bribes to get them to reenlist don't seem to be working. IF THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT DECIDES TO COUNT THE CHADS AND LET FOUR FLORIDA COUNTIES REPORT THEIR CHANGED VOTE COUNT, THEN OUR SERVICE PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO TURN IN A POST-DATED ELECTION RETURN.

"Gore is teaching us right off the bat how his administration would work. He has been in training all his life to do what ever is necessary to change our republic to a third-world democracy. If the stories I have read about him are true, his plans are made and he is ready to get on with the change. The way he is acting nothing short of a revolution in this country will stop him. We must stop him before he steals the election. Lets get on with it. Fight now rather than letting him steal this election and then having to throw him out.

"Our senators proved their resolve in the impeachment hearings on Clinton. Their attitude seems to be that we must just get along -- don't rock the boat, we might have some of our dirty linen exposed in the process. The Gore supporters are pulling every dirty trick and hiring every lawyer they can find.

"If Bush is going to lead our country, it is time for him to lead the fight. Get out front and inspire us to save our republic form of government. Bush should mobilize his cabinet appointees and hit the talk shows, continue the campaign and show us that they are mad as hell and won't take it any more."

Jack's comments mirror those of hundreds of others I have heard from and suggest that there are hundreds of thousands who share his view.

We are witness to the distinction between class and crass.

Al Gore has squandered a political opportunity. He could have been a martyr and claim his lusted after prize in four years. Instead his impatience, petulance and mean-spirited tragic flaw increasingly leaves him no exit strategy. Indeed, if Gore-Daly persist in ignoring the rule of law and the established procedures and continue to pick at this scab the unintended consequence will be greater scrutiny. Greater scrutiny of the growing list of Democratic vote and voter fraud.

Richard Nixon was robbed by the Kennedy-Daly machine in 1960 and could have contested the results. However, for the good of the country and the process, he allowed himself to be a victim of a great wrong. Arguably, his subsequent CREEP (Committee to Re-elect the President) may have been his reaction to those "Chicago Rules" that Gigot referenced.

It is beyond time to start the healing process before tensions build further. Already cyberspace is awash with suggestions, recommendations, intimations and threats of violence. It is not just the right-wing militia that is collecting ammunition and talking tough. It is also the left-wing radicals. It is the disenfranchised and PO'd active duty military and veterans.

Al Gore needs to manufacture and sell the fiction that he can play nice and act like a grown up to move on to a healing process. The fire of discontent which has been fueled by the DNC dirty tricks machine needs to have cooling water, not gasoline, poured on it.

Here is a brief reality check for Gore-Daly:

Some are suggesting the decision should end up in the U.S. Supreme Court, but that is unlikely since the problem is a state issue and this court is disinclined to abuse the 10th Amendment. This is a twofer: If the Supremes don't take the case, Gore loses. If they do break with conventional wisdom and hear it, Gore loses.