SEPTEMBER 27, 1999
Reality check
© 1999

At least once a year I receive some kind of "alert" warning of the impending government crackdown on dissidents, total abrogation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and house to house collection of trouble makers like WorldNetDaily writers and readers. As certain as the phases of the moon, it's happening again. This latest warning suggests as early as September 30, the Clinton cabal will unleash some U.N. jack-booted ninjas to herd us off to government detention centers, or worse. I don't buy it.

I don't doubt for a New York second that Clinton, Reno et al, would like to do that. I don't even deny there may have been discussions about it, but ... it ain't gonna happen. At least not in the foreseeable future.

Notwithstanding the apparent desire of certain within the Clintonista regime, notwithstanding the rabid anti-gun rhetoric and legislation of the anti-constitutionalists, notwithstanding the apparent apathy and complacency of the mass sheeple -- it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Frankly, for the good of the republic, it would almost be better if those that would be king, tried. The reality check would be terrible. If, under the color of authority, government were to attempt to openly dump the Constitution, declare martial law, and herd us into detention centers, they would soon learn that their grasp exceeded their reach.

If, or (God forbid) when, the government was to be able to effectively disarm the citizenry, "perhaps" the anti-constitutional scum could achieve their lofty goals. But, the reality is (at last for now), that "if" is neither realistic nor attainable.

Shortly after the presumed fall of the Soviet Union, a group of CIA types were visiting with their former counterparts in the KGB. During the candid and informal talks, one of the CIA guys allegedly asked the big question, "So, did you guys have any plans for actually invading CONUS (Continental United States)?" That is, after all, the scenario of nightmares and movie scripts. The Russians reportedly laughed. "Hell, NO. Your people have too many guns."

If you choose to accept this third hand anecdote, consider this: the Soviet Union, with its massive military might, feared a ground war in the Continental United States with a widely armed insurgency.

Do you really think a traitorous government could expect less resistance than an invading army? I don't think so.

In addition to the 250-million guns which still legally are owned by Americans, there is another factor that some may call me Pollyanna-ish about, but I really still believe it. I believe there are STILL (despite what some consider to be a planned effort to attrite the rolls) soldiers and policemen, who -- having taken an oath "to preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic" -- will do just that. Despite the atrocities of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City, I believe the Lon Horiuchi types are the exception and not the rule.

Recently I have been involved in an effort to repeal (through a statewide referendum) a bad gun bill that was signed by the governor of California. Our campaign to collect signatures to put a referendum on the ballot was admittedly an act of frustration, outrage, and desperation. However, I have learned a great deal about my fellow Californians in the last couple of months. Despite the presumed apathy that anti-constitutional bastards expect, there IS a point of diminishing return to repeated outrages. I have been awed by the commitment, dedication, and sacrifice of thousands of citizens I do not know, and may never have the privilege to meet. Many of these hardworking signature gatherers are police officers, corrections officers, and active duty military.

The threat to the republic and to the Constitution, for which it stands, is very real. There ARE traitors in our midst. However, it is still way too early for even a hubris-intoxicated administration like the one we suffer, to seriously try anything as overt, draconian, and plain stupid, as to try to abandon the very foundation of the façade that permits them the luxury to posture.

Americans may have become complacent, apathetic, and self-centered. However, if or when any group presumes to deny us the opportunity to remain complacent, apathetic and self-centered, they will eventually encounter the same resolve, dedication and commitment that revealed itself when Captain Parker and a bunch of neighbors gathered to meet the British in Lexington, when they tried to disarm the colonists.

The first three battles of the War for Independence were fought not over taxation, not over representation, and not over that long list of "usurpations" our forefathers were torqued over. Those first three battles which sent us down the road to Liberty and Freedom, were fought over the British effort to disarm the colonists.

"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed -- unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms" (James Madison, The Federalist Papers No. 46).