AUGUST 9, 1999
More hypocrisy personified
© 1999

Has the once revered "fourth estate" really become the "fifth column"? When is enough enough?

Once upon a time, not so long ago and not very far away, the American press took pride in focusing not on WHO was right or wrong, but WHAT was right or wrong. A very small group of us continue to be equal opportunity offenders, but tragically, the establishment media has become a mere shadow of their legacy. I wouldn't be at all surprised to someday see Edward R. Murrow rise up from the grave, personally rip Dan Blather's skull off and blow cigarette smoke into the cavity.

There have always been media wars mitigated and exacerbated by personal egos, cash flow, circulation et al. However, there was also diversity of opinion, pursuit of truth, and desire to expose the good, the bad, and the ugly. Times have changed. The focus has shifted from substance to form.

A while back I wrote that there was not a top down conspiracy to control the news. I received a lot of negative reaction to that piece, probably because I did an incomplete job. The perceived media control is not a function of hard handed instructions handed down from on high from a star chamber (yet). The decidedly left-leaning prejudice is more a function of personal prejudice from senior news management types. The news bosses of today were the college students of the '60s. Many of these 40 and 50-something executives are loath to report facts, which so obviously and startlingly contradict not only their preconceived opinions, but also their own personal (albeit tainted), value system. Winston Churchill once said that "If a man isn't a liberal at 20 he has no heart ... if he is not a conservative by 40 he has no brain." What is so infuriating to some is that this media malfeasance is not a liberal/conservative, or partisan political debate. Objectivity, fairness, and a willingness to pursue the truth regardless of where they may lead have become anachronisms ... a vague tickle of the way things should be but sadly are not.

The actions, policies, and routine, consistent lies, flooding out of the Clinton administration make Greek tragedy look like understatement. Nevertheless, the mainstream media has become a co-conspirator with the sycophant suppressers.

Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, the TWA Flight 800 tragedy, the long "mysterious death list", the 29-Palms survey, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Chinagate, Wag the Dog, Executive Orders, Presidential Decision Directives, Bimbos and victims du jour, Danny Williams, Juanita Broaddrick, Jane Does 1 through 101, yada, yada, yada ... ... What have you seen, and not seen, from mainstream reportage on any of the above? Billy Joel needs to write a few more verses to "We didn't start the fire."

We have learned Janet Reno has been using the Department of Justice to cover up for the president. We have learned the FBI lies, and doesn't even do it well anymore. We have learned Gennifer Flowers was telling the sordid truth, and the president wasn't. Linda Tripp was telling the truth, and the president was lying. Even members of his own party acknowledge that this president is not only a liar, but he lies when he doesn't even have to ... it is such a refined talent he has cultivated that to him lies come instinctively.

Investigations are either sham exercises in form over substance, or ignored. Seventy-nine witnesses plead the Fifth Amendment (one doing so over 1,000 times in one day ... a new indoor record according to Judicial Watch), 12 witnesses split and leave the country, 23 foreigners refuse to be interviewed, and cabinet level officials leak classified data with impunity.

According to Fox News, Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary GAVE highly classified data (and a diagram) of the W-87 warhead the Chinese were vilified for "stealing." When her staff tried to protest and pointed out the document was classified, Hazel just crossed out the word "classified" and gave it to a U.S. News staff reporter. If anyone other than an S.O.B. (supporter of Bill) had committed such a gross breach they would have been severely punished.

The gross mishandling of classified information by this administration is not uncommon; it is practically standing operating procedure. And still, the pretentious mainstream media apparently finds more newsworthiness in a relatively minor motor vehicle accident involving an ex-presidential mistress, than it does in a Cabinet officer compromising national security. They will go in nauseating detail about scurrilous detail of sexual depravity, but national security, treason, abuse of power under the color of authority??? ... nada!

As an Eagle Scout, and an Army officer, I have been indoctrinated and gladly embraced the principles of Duty, Honor, Country. I have always considered these concepts as positive, and commendable. To those who ask, "how can you claim an unbridled love of Country when you dump on the administration so much?" Easy ... I DO Love my Country. However, I do not like, or trust my government. The two are not mutually exclusive. Many others far more credentialed, distinguished and knowing than me shared the feeling: Thomas Jefferson; Alexis de Tocqueville; Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to name a few.

The assimilation of the fourth estate by the corrupt bastards they are supposed to keep honest reminds me of the story of British Major James Hewitt. Hewitt served in the elite Life Guards regiment as a tank commander in the Gulf War. However, Major Hewitt is a dirtbag, no gentleman, and a cad. Hewitt reportedly had an affair while serving as a riding instructor at Kensington Palace. Hardly a capital offense ... but wait ... this joker reportedly bedded the fabled Princess Diana ... the wife of the heir to the throne to which he was sworn to serve and protect. Now I'm not one of those who is enthralled with anything and everything that the royal family does and doesn't do. I could care less than to be burdened with the personal domestic dysfunctional travails of the royals. However, THIS case offended me, and reminded me of the American media meltdown. Adultery is not an extracurricular activity endorsed by the officer corps, but beyond that, for an officer to commit adultery with the wife of another officer ... especially a superior officer is beyond contempt ... reprehensible! Major Hewitt left the army and reportedly is collecting an $11-thousand a year pension. According to a London libel attorney, if Hewitt did in fact bed the Princess, the wife of the heir to the throne ... he violated not only the essence of Duty, Honor, Country ... but also violated the Treason Act of 1351, and could face the death penalty. The Treason Act forbids adultery with the wife of the throne's heir (apparently designed to ensure the heir to the throne is legitimate). Duty, Honor, Country hopefully will survive this latest odious embarrassment. As for the young Major with his brains in his kilt ... cut off his buttons, break his sword, and send his sorry butt to the Tower of London for Raven food. What is gained is loss. ...

However, what punishment can there be for the media miscreants? It isn't bad enough these co-conspirators protect and maintain a new standard for abuse of power in the administration. Consider please that these misguided, unprincipled, vacuous defenders of the indefensible do more than inform (or ill-inform). I don't know who originated the phrase, but it is a chilling reality: Newspapers are the first draft of history.