JUNE 14, 1999
Kosovo -- hello?
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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, was founded April 4, 1949 as a regional defense alliance. The stated purpose of NATO was to enhance the stability, well being, and freedom of its members by means of a system of collective security.

The primary purpose of NATO was (until recently) to defend Eastern Europe from the perceived threat of Soviet aggression. Before the alleged end of the Cold War, the USSR was a significant threat. The forcible installation of communist governments throughout Eastern Europe, territorial demands by the Soviets, and the support of conflicts in Greece and Iran was considered a very real dangerous threat to something that could spark World War III.

Before NATO, in 1947 Britain and France (adversaries for centuries) signed the Dunkirk Treaty for common defense against aggression.

For over fifty years NATO has been successful in keeping the Russian/Soviet aggressors out of Eastern Europe -- until now. Notwithstanding all the propaganda (on both sides), all the posturing, dissembling, duplicity, and fraud, the most significant result of the Kosovo adventurism is being overlooked. Russia achieved a 50-year objective ... in a cakewalk.

Take a deep breath, step back from the mainstream spin, and consider the following facts:

OK, consider that "part one" of the analysis. Next consider the following: There are two obscene military terms, which sadly crystallize the bumbling incompetence of both NATO and the myopic U.S. "leadership." The first, FUBAR, means (in a somewhat cleaned up fashion) "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition." The other, SNAFU, means (again sanitized) "Situation Normal ... All Fouled Up."

The pundit brigade has been pontificating ad nauseum about the potential for World War III starting in the Balkans (usually for all the wrong reasons). The mainstream co-conspirators have been so embroiled in trying to put a patriotic and statesmanlike face on this bastardized strategic misadventure, they have failed to even acknowledge (to the best of my knowledge, so far) the monumental significance of the following facts:

Before the Clinton administration dislocates their collective shoulder patting themselves on the back, they may want to return to "The Song of the South" and seek the advice and counsel of Uncle Remus about Bear Rabbit and the Tar Baby.

Some wag once observed you should be careful whom you step on your way up; you may have to kiss their butts on the way down. That's one of the cute axiomatic bromides that apply to most everyone -- except Bill Clinton.