MAY 17, 1999
Another sleazy executive order
© 1999

Congressman Tom Campbell, R-Calif., recently received a wealth of mixed praise for compelling Congress to actually do their job under the War Powers Act. If only he, or any other congresscritter faithful to their oath, would compel a vote for the elimination of the unconstitutional, routinely abused legislation by executive order, it might actually save the Republic.

Our erstwhile commander in grief has again reportedly executed another insidious and unconstitutional decree. This latest executive order apparently bans all imports of all foreign made weapons, guns, parts, and ammunition. This royal fiat was reportedly signed before the U.S. Senate folded like a house of rice paper cards, and whimpered for a "do over." This latest insidious "excrement" order is supposed to become effective officially and publicly in mid June.

The impeached, in-contempt-of-court, lying sociopath in the oval office has again answered the questions his smarmy Arkansas buddy and defender of the indefensible, Sen. Dale Bumpers, asked the Senate during the impeachment trial: "Why put him out of office now? He has so little time left. How much damage could he do in the time he has left?" HELL-O?

"How much damage could he do in the time he has left?" Bumpers asked. Given the year is not yet half over, I shudder to think "how much damage he could do in the time he has left."

Allegedly, the short time President has had the U.S. Customs, the Secret Service, and other agencies turn around ships that had any imported weapons on board to deny them entering our ports. And, this supposedly has been going on for the past two months. BEFORE this latest executive order, and BEFORE the Senate elected to personify the definition of hypocrisy: "the act or practice of pretending to be what one is not, or to have principles or beliefs that one does not have." You damn betcha!

Last week the anti-gun Democrats were foaming at the mouth on their vitriolic offensive. The supposed "majority" Republicans tucked tail and gave up significant Second Amendment ground as soon as critics said mean things. Scores of weak-kneed Republicans crossed party lines to support gun control proposals on two separate occasions. Then on a third vote, several Republicans crossed over to give anti-gun Senators "Upchuck" Schumer and "Chicom" DiFi a victory in their efforts to ban the importation of high-capacity magazines. The words "shall not be infringed" were replaced with "shall not be tolerated."

So, let me get this straight:

American poet Longfellow once observed, "We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing; others judge us by what we have done." What HAS Congress done?

Young Adult Gun Ban. This ban, which passed 96-2, could severely punish parents who allowed their kids to even touch a so-called semi-automatic "assault weapon." This amendment includes certain exemptions -- kinda, but there are imponderable questions which NO senator could answer. However, although the creators of this law can't explain it, a parent would be required to do what the creators could not in order to avoid going to jail.

Just what the hell is a "semiautomatic assault weapon"? MY definition has always been ANY weapon pointed at me. However, the congressional definition/obfuscation -- plus exemptions -- takes up six pages of fine type in the U.S. Code.

Congress says a child can handle a banned semi-auto if he is in the "immediate and supervisory presence" of a parent, or if he possess a written permission slip from the parent. Seems "reasonable." However, a parent can receive 20 years in jail IF during a target practice session, the parent walks to the car to retrieve more ammunition and the juvenile is no longer in the parent's "immediate" presence and he does not have a permission slip?

Republicans preemptively rolled over, covered their two faces and surrendered to Chuck Schumer. But they weren't alone in their perfidy. Sure Republican Sen. John Ashcroft introduced the young adult gun ban, and four other Republicans (Hatch , Craig , McCain and Gordon Smith) sponsored the amendment requiring background checks at gun shows. According to the Associated Press, "Craig, a member of the National Rifle Association board of directors, said the organization had 'grudgingly' agreed" to the gun show amendment. AGAIN, the NRA leadership refuses to lead, refuses to follow, and refuses to get out of the way.

On a voice vote, the Senate voted to ban the importation of magazines holding more than 10 rounds. (Remember, previously -- just one day earlier -- the Senate defeated a motion to kill the amendment by a vote of 59-39.)

Anti-gun senators claimed these magazines were impractical for "hunting." Excuse ME, but the Second Amendment doesn't have anything to do with anyone's ability to HUNT. The Second Amendment was/is intended to provide "the people" with the tools necessary to oppose tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson noted, "When governments fear the people there is liberty. When people fear the government there is tyranny."

Confucius said, "An oppressive government is much worse than a man-eating tiger."

Republicans who sold out need to hear from you. You should express YOUR views and opinions of what they have done -- and what they have not done. Remind them of what John F. Kennedy said: "If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable." If they are not concerned about the here-and-now, try reminding them what Dante wrote in The Inferno, "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."

If Dante was right, the Devil must be clearing a hot zone for Republican cowards and NRA collaborators.