MAY 10, 1999
Devil in the details
© 1999

Five or ten years ago, I used to hear about grand conspiracies and smile. Oh, I knew about the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, but it seemed natural that like-minded people (especially rich and powerful people) would find a forum to socialize. I considered the flocking of turkeys (whether rich powerful globalists, or Louis Farrakan's black separatists) largely sound and fury signifying ... nothing. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

In the wake of years of study, interviews, and critical analysis, I have learned (and believe) that hardly anything happens by chance. Conspiracies DO exist, and to arrogantly discount their existence, intentions, and results, is myopic, pretentious, and stupid.

If or when you read beyond the revisionist history of duplicitous academicians, you learn:

Allegedly, Edmund Burke never actually said, "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." Well, someone said it, and regardless of authorship, it is true. The reason bad men do bad things is because they can. The reasons they can are many: Look around, and ignore the partisan rancor to look at what we have allowed to happen. The moral, ethical muscle of the United States of America has atrophied. Through benign neglect, we have allowed ourselves to be transformed from a nation of eagles to a herd of turkeys. Not the smart, elusive, powerful bird Ben Franklin wanted for our national symbol -- no. Rather we have become their dumb cousins hybridized into vanilla white, and so dumb we will look up into a rainstorm and literally drown for want of looking away.

According to a recent CBS report, "50 percent of Americans in a poll do not know where to find Kosovo on a map. However, 54 percent favor sending U.S. troops there."

The propaganda honchos have done their job well -- very well.

Reports from no less than six different independent sources claim that NATO purposely targeted the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Why? The U.S. has routinely and consistently bent over backwards to accommodate, mollify, stroke, and ignore aggression from communist Red China. Why purposely and specifically target a Chinese Embassy?

When the U.S. struck Libya in the early Reagan years, the French Embassy was bombed. Whoops! Reportedly, the raid was put on hold for several days until the French ambassador left the compound. Supposedly, the raid was in retaliation for the French not allowing U.S. planes in their airspace. Gee, the U.S. will bomb an ally's embassy to send a "message." Must be standard operating procedure.

But why hit the Chinese Embassy? What if it was done to derail the peace initiative being put forward by the Russians and the Chinese? Allegedly, the neo-socialist troika of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Gerhard Schroder are so desperate to win in Kosovo that the gloves are off, and they will do almost anything. According to numerous analysts, this is a war against national sovereignty -- all and any national sovereignty.

If the one-worlders can realize their agenda, countries will no longer be autonomous.

Borders will vanish, and henceforth an international watch dog/cabal would oversee everything, everywhere, every time. If or when a country refuses to comply with international treaties implemented by the United Nations, we should anticipate "the Serbian Solution."

The Terrible Three were intent on crushing not just Milosevic -- but the concept of national sovereignty. However, up jumped the devil, and Jesse Jackson soiled their sheets. Jesse successfully positioned himself as a senior statesman and diplomat who suggested a course of action which would end the killing and fix the "perceived problem" but not the "real problem."

As my friend Joseph Farah often suggests, connect the dots:

This is weird -- the Russians are fighting for national sovereignty, and the United States is co-conspirator with socialists. If this were not so tragic and catastrophic, a reasonable person would have to assume this script is being written by Ionessco.

The solution proposed by Russia would mean that all countries would be able to control what went on within their own borders. It would mean that California would be able to call out the National Guard or the Army if the Atzlan Liberation Army demanded autonomy for southern California. If the Cuban refugees tried to annex Miami, Florida's governor could actually stop them.

This solution is anathema to the plan for a one-world government with no borders and no national sovereignty. Clinton-Blair-Schroder could not let THAT dog hunt. Therefore the plan had to be neutered -- quickly. With the growing tensions rising the United States and China, they found a ready-made target of opportunity.

Another reason for hitting the Chinese Embassy was to give them a little nudge; push China into attacking Taiwan and making it part of China once again.

The Kosovo autonomy plan being put forth by the Big Three does not sit well with either China or Russia. China still believes Taiwan belongs to them. Russia is still having problems with provinces like Chechnya that want to break away and become their own country. If NATO's Serbian Solution is successful, all groups of ethnic people, no matter where they are living, will be able to break away from their countries and form their own autonomous and independent nations. Yassar Arafat is drooling over the prospect of an autonomous Palestine in his lifetime.

When these new shake and bake nations evolve, "stuff" will happen. New nations will draw new borders. New borders will spark new disputes. War is always good for business, and for distracting folks.

What would be the purpose for such planned chaos? The operative word here is "planned." If the world can be destabilized and people scared by the orchestrated chaos, a stabilizing force could crush the fear. For a price. "Those who are willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserve neither," Ben Franklin said.

However, remember what Henry Kissinger said to the Bilderbergers in 1992 in Evian France: