AUGUST 24, 1998
© 1998

Fox News is reporting: "Clinton will face dozens of perjury cases; evidence overwhelming." Trapped like a rat, Clintonistas are racking up mistakes both strategically and tactically. We are about to witness the endgame. For the umpteenth time, I will repeat that notwithstanding the lurid details of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, that issue has never really been about sex. Perjury, suborning perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power under the color of authority -- not to mention arrogant, myopic stupidity -- has been, is, and will be the essence of the Starr/Lewinsky matter. Thus far, Clinton has been able to lie routinely and consistently, and enlist the unbridled support of his legion of SOB's (Supporters of Bill). However, by his actions, and weak-mouthed admissions, he has significantly damaged the credibility of his previously successful spin doctors. Clinton is a festering wound which infects everything and everyone it touches. From the tragically flawed individual, to his family, his supporters, his administration, the country, and the Constitution to which he swore an oath ... all are tainted by the man. Unless or until he resigns or is removed from office, the infection will continue to eat away at all with which it comes in contact. It is no surprise that in wake of the recent attacks on terrorists the "Wag the Dog" scenario was recalled even before the President finished his announcement. Frankly, the President couldn't win no matter what he did or didn't do. The American people and the world, do not trust the words or motivation of an admitted liar. If it's too good to be true ... it isn't. Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs' General Henry Shelton can brief ad nauseam rationalizations for the recent military action ... questions of timing, strategy and tactics will grow like bacteria. Here's a quick dozen:

First we heard intelligence was poor? ... then there was a remarkable "uncommon" convergence of good intelligence? We acted in a preemptive manner to prevent an imminent attack? If intelligence was so great, and we are so anxious to establish a new policy of preemptive raids, why didn't we act prior to the African atrocities? How many million dollar cruise missiles did we launch? 50? 75? 140? What is the damage assessment? What did we destroy? Who did we kill? What was accomplished strategically? What is the anticipated reaction to the U.S. action? Why was this a unilateral U.S. action without U.N. involvement? (Note: I like this newly demonstrated independence from the U.N. however, it is inconsistent with anything and everything this administration has done to date) Was the 50-140 million dollars of ordinance that was dropped cost effective? A cruise missile might be good for a hard target (factory), but for tents and troops in a desert? We have had various special operations groups in the area for some time. Those troops are smarter, more flexible, and cheaper than cruise missiles. However, they are more efficient and low profile than flocks of missiles.
One rabid Clinton critic even suggested that Clinton used a "reach out and touch somebody" cruise missile assault instead of special ops troops because S.O.B. Rick Kaplan (CNN honcho) is still smarting from the heat he continues to get from the special ops community over the CNN nerve gas story retraction/embarrassment. I don't buy that, but it demonstrates the levels of distrust and cynicism which this President has engendered. Clinton lies. Not just about sex, and not just when cornered. Clinton lies ALL THE TIME. One wag previously noted that "...he lies even when he doesn't have to." Democrat Senator Kerry had previously noted "..he is an extraordinarily good liar." Clinton lies, and he is not to be trusted. In some circles this is no big news. In fact, talk radio, video producers, and a wide spectrum of Internet sites have been flogging facts for years. America (and our allies) have finally caught on to the obvious. It is significant that not only is the brainwashed, mass media-manipulated public having a national epiphany... but global trust in the commitments of the U.S. is coming out of the closet as well. For the good of the country, for the good of Clinton supporters, for the good of his family, and even for the good of the Sleaze-in-Chief ... Bill Clinton needs to (for once) do the honorable thing, and resign. If he continues to refuse the entreaties of better men (and women) than him to resign, he should be impeached ... for the good of the Republic. Unlike others, I don't expect, and frankly don't want, to see the President of the United States tried and convicted of anything. In my opinion, Bill Clinton is a reprehensible, contemptible human being. I loathe the man, but have great respect for the office he has misused and sullied. Despite his crimes and misdemeanors, he will not (and should not) spend a day in jail. He will (and I think should) be pardoned. His sentence, (and his legacy) will be shame and disgrace. As a nation we need to lance the wound, and start the healing process. As a country we have greater challenges to face.