JULY 20, 1998
Clinton's tragic flaw
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Why have s.o.b.'s (supporters of Bill) fought so very hard to preclude the Secret Service from testifying? A baker's dozen of judges from Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson to Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist have all ruled that there is no such thing as "protective function privilege." Judge after judge has ruled they are "NOT convinced that compelling Secret Service personnel to testify before a grand jury regarding evidence of a crime would place presidents at peril." Yet notwithstanding the overwhelming consonance of the courts, Clinton's defenders of the indefensible continue to assert all those judges are wrong. Why continue the fight? In the wake of the long list of Clinton crimes (real and perceived) it is ironic that the character flaw of a garbage mouth could prove more fatal to a president than perjury, suborning perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, campaign finance abuse, trading military secrets, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Go figure. The Secret Service may be run by an s.o.b. The Secret Service is a subsidiary of the Treasury Department which is run by an s.o.b.. However, the rank and file agents frankly don't like the man they are required to protect with their own lives. According to one source, "These agents are sworn to protect the President, but it doesn't mean they like him. In fact, most of the agents assigned to the President can't stand him. They consider him to be a despicable human being." The reason s.o.b.'s have fought tooth and nail to preclude agents close to the president from testifying under oath is twofold: first, it is assumed no Secret Service agent would perjure themselves to protect their charge; and secondly, what they have heard can only reveal the dark low-rent character of the man. Reportedly, agents have often heard the president discuss (in graphic terms) his fondness for certain types of sexual activity. One agent allegedly said Monica Lewinsky "could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose." "Before this mess began, Clinton would tell the agents protecting him jokes about women and oral sex," reports one source. "Now, he doesn't say a thing about sex, women, or anything personal." His discretion is too little and too late. The president's tendency to discuss sex is the real reason Clinton and all the s.o.b.'s are so frenetic about efforts to put Secret Service agents under oath in front of a grand jury. "These guys can place Monica Lewinsky alone with the president. They can verify his comments about her oral skills, real or perceived, and they can verify that the president of the United States often made crude remarks about women." It has been reported from several sources that Clinton's crudeness and rudeness made agents uncomfortable, especially when he would make comments which could be and were overheard by a female agent. Several sources who have had contact with Clinton affirm the observation of one who noted. "He really has sex on his mind a lot and that comes out in his comments." During the Paula Jones fiasco there were reports that over one hundred women were on the list of potential witnesses. Obviously, the administration does NOT want the tenor, or content of the president's casual remarks to become a matter of record. The potential domino effect of cross checking and verifying corroborating comments could/would become a public relations nightmare that would make the previous "bimbo eruptions" seem like a pimple on the butt of a flea. During one of those "rope line" incidents in which then White intern Monica Lewinsky positioned herself in the forefront so she could hug Clinton, one White House staffer called her a "fat cow." Allegedly, the president laughed and turned to a Secret Service agent near him and replied "... yeah, but with that vacuum cleaner mouth of hers, who cares?" Later that same day, the agent reportedly asked to be reassigned. An interesting sidebar to this report is that it was Clinton's brother Roger who was captured on video tape during a drug sting (apparently referring to his brother the governor's drug habits) saying his brother "... had a nose like a Hoover." Consider the following scenario: Prosecutors ask about the "rope line" incident. Agents are asked to confirm or deny the incident. Prosecutors subpoena personnel records to review reassignments of agents. Reassigned agents are subpoenaed and questioned regarding the incident. See why Clinton, Reno, Rubin, et al, don't want Secret Service agents to testify? Many have argued that the president's sex life is personal and none of our business. However, these critics of critics refuse to accept that the essence of this line of the Starr investigation, is really NOT about sex. It is focused on perjury, suborning perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. THAT is the reality. It is indeed strange that it may well prove to be the perception of the president as a misogynist pig which could ultimately be his John Dean.