JUNE 8, 1998
Stall, Obfuscate, Belittle
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Even NBC's Tim Russett has acknowledged the Clinton strategy of "Delay, delay, delay." The longer the Clintonistas are successful in stalling, postponing and exhausting procedural tools to put off any final requirement to respond to the growing litany of scandals, the better (for the Democrats). If the beleaguered Democrats can maintain the complicity of the mainstream media, the cooperation of the courts, along with the ethical void and malaise and demonstrated lack of courage or moral outrage of the alleged Republican leadership, President Bill Clinton's richly earned political downfall will disappear like a puff of cigar smoke in the wind. If (and it remains a potential "if") the president can eat up time with stalling tactics, his significant worries could all evaporate in the wake of a Democrat congressional windfall. If the balance of power in the House of Representatives shifts, and the Democrats recapture the majority and the speakership, stick a fork in it -- the game is over. History books will eventually be written about these dark days, and the shameful malfeasance of the press will suffer significant critics which, frankly, they have richly earned. Before anyone dared mention treason, or even impeachment, before Monica Lewinsky and before the smoking gun of the China revelations, there was bunches and a lot to question. And it wasn't. As each new scandal erupts, the spinmeisters quickly attach the messengers, seek to discredit the sources, and blame the flap on mere petty partisan bickering. Space prohibits a more detailed listing of scandals linked with the current administration, but here's a fast 50 to view as a "body of work" rather than an isolated scandal: Vince Foster document handling. The "alleged" suicide of Vince Foster. Obstruction of Justice. Travel Office firings. Treasury Department contacts (Roger Altman) Mike Espy ethics problems Henry Cisneros ethics problems. Ron Brown ethics problems. Webster Hubbell ethics problems, Harold Ickes ethics problems, George Stephanopoulos ethics problems. White House operations (drugs, security passes, misuse of assets). Passport/State Department files search. Legal defense fund solicitations. Hillary Commodities trading. Health care task force illegal secret meetings. Rose law firm work for Madison S&L. Whitewater. David Hale. Presidential immunity. Jim and Susan McDougal and Jim Guy Tucker. Dan Lasater (Clinton buddy, convicted drug dealer, and brother Roger's connection). Mena Airport drug smuggling and gun running. Use of taxpayer paid public employees for private Clinton work. Troopergate. Women problems (not counting Hillary). Value partners. Presidential AND Gubernatorial campaign irregularities Arkansas Development and Finance Agency (use of public funds for political favors). Possible/probable perjury. Filegate. Computerized enemies list database. Hillary short sale of pharmaceutical stocks while she attacked the industry. Failure to create a blind trust for personal holdings until long after presidency. Underpayment/nonpayment of taxes. Offering to pay legal fees of targeted associates, which some legal commentators have likened to illegally attempting to influence witnesses (others consider it subornation of perjury). Witness tampering. Hazel O'Leary. Zoe Baird/Nannygate. Janet Reno activities regarding Branch Davidians and Ruby Ridge. Iranian arms shipments o the Bosnians in violation of the U.N. embargo, approved by Clinton. Connections between organized crime and labor union head/Clinton buddy. The reappearing missing Rose Law firm billing records. Security breaches regarding White House clearances and passes; and Dick Morris' hooker, who was privy to secret discussions and data. 45. DNC links with Indonesian financiers, the Lippo Goup, Mochtar Riady, BCCI, Arkansas power brokers, Web Hubbell, Bill Clinton and DNC contributions. DNC links with Indonesian financiers, the Lippo Goup, Mochtar Riady, BCCI, Arkansas power brokers, Web Hubbell, Bill Clinton and DNC contributions. Threats and violence against assorted witnesses to past impropriety and critics. Pension fund abuses in Arkansas. Castle Grande. Somalia abuse of military. Fast track qualification of aliens for citizenship including large numbers whose criminal records were never checked; done over the objections of the INS who viewed it as a blatantly political "pro-democratic voter mill" according to a memo to Bill Clinton from Al Gore. If the Democrats can recapture the House, all the above (and more) goes "poof". Here are two quotes in closing. Edmund Burke noted "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edward Albee once observed (and this may prove prophetic), "What is gained is loss."