JUNE 1, 1998
Enter the Dragon
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Communist Red China is a significant threat to the United States of America, and the degree of that threat is escalating. The Clintonistas claim the missile and satellite technology transfer poses no security threat. Bullfeathers! The administration and its lapdog media quislings concede Red China has a baker's dozen nuclear missiles targeted at the U.S.A., but hey, "no biggie ... no worries." WHAT?!?! Sen. James Inhofe (member of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Intelligence) observed, "We're in a more threatened position than we have probably been in the history of this country!" He noted, "We're at one half the defense force that we were in in 1991. We don't have a national defense system!" The senator's indignation is righteous and appropriate. He is on the Intelligence Committee and he is "supposed to know what's going on." He says, "In 1996, President Clinton signed a waiver that allowed the Loral Corporation to sell missiles to China. We found out, just two weeks ago, they have 18 of them. Thirteen of those 18 are targeted at the United States of America." Inhofe is ticked off over not just the waiver to Loral, the sale of missile technology and missiles, OR the guidance system that makes them more accurate. "He did this in secret, and then he was caught." Yet myopic, partisan idiots like Henry Waxman continue to obfuscate, itch and moan, and fail in their constitutional duty far beyond routine malfeasance. Among the co-conspirators, the majority of brain-dead mainstream pundits continue to defend the indefensible. However, sporadically, more and more journalists are coming out of the closet. Don Feder is a conservative Jewish columnist in Boston. He recently came out in the Jewish World Review as a self-confessed "Clinton-Hater." Feder considers "our 42nd president inadequate as a human being" (yeah, but come on Don how does he rate as a dung beetle or banana slug?). He hates Clinton's "sexual excesses," his "fund-raising" shenanigans, his "corruption," his "venality," his "posturing," his "hypocrisy," his "obnoxiousness," his "appointments," and his tactics (among other things). "Above all, I hate Clinton for demeaning the presidency more than any of his predecessors." Feder concluded. Not a bad start, but I wonder how he really feels? Phyllis Shafly recently noted, "... the China connection, the scandal that may bring down the Clinton presidency, the scandal that has made congressmen start to utter the T- word (Treason)..." Sen. Fred Thompson opened his shot at hearings by stating that he had evidence of a plan by the Communist Red Chinese to influence the last presidential election with Money. He was vilified , trashed, sandbagged and lied to by the administration and their ad hoc department of propaganda. Recently, the "wild, irresponsible, unsubstantiated charges" of long tall Fred have been confirmed. I wonder if Thompson's Democratic colleagues have apologized yet? China IS a threat ... a real and present danger. Estimates are that by 2015, there will be at least three Communist Chinese aircraft carriers, in addition to other naval assets including nuclear attack submarines. Within 17 years (unchecked) Communist China will be able to claim control over 80 percent of the South China Sea (Pacific Rim). Based on current trends of Chinese/US naval power, but the year 2010, the Communist Chinese will have a navy five times larger than ours. A friend who attended the Naval War College in Newport Rhode Island, reports in 1994 "war games" which were played out in a 2010 environment resulted in the U.S. Seventh Fleet getting crushed by China. China IS a threat. Former U.S. Secretary of the Navy James Webb noted, "Few in Asia missed the significance of China's recent warning that American naval vessels should not sail through the international waters of the Taiwan Strait, and the Clinton administration's compliance with that warning." That was the same time that a Chinese military official threatened to lob a nuke at Los Angeles. In 1985 Clinton got the Arkansas Teachers retirement fund to invest in Norinco and Cosco. Then in 1992 Clinton became a strident critic of the George Bush China policy. "The Bush administration continues to coddle China, despite its continuing crackdown on democratic reform, its brutal subjugation of Tibet, its irresponsible export of nuclear and missile technology. ... Such forbearance on our part might have made sense during the Cold War when China was the counterweight to Soviet power, It makes no sense to play the China card now when our opponents have thrown in their hand." Then shortly after assuming the presidency Clinton adopts the Bush China plan. Then he gets in bed with China (and apparently others). He accepts money from Communist military sources, overrides his own secretaries of State and Defense and turns authority over to his bagman in the Commerce department. Notwithstanding warnings of "national security threats" he gifts Communist Red China with tools they desperately want and need to enhance their military capability. Was it quid pro quo, or was it a gratuity (both of which, by the by, are crimes). The China connection IS a real and significant threat. Despite Clinton's remarkable ability to deflect myriad scandals like water off a duck's back, this time, he may have passed beyond the point of diminishing return -- even for the shameless Democrat defenders of the indefensible. Lying, cheating, sexual impropriety and indiscretions, perjury, suborning perjury, abuse of power under the color of authority, and obstruction of justice may not be sufficient for die-hard Demoncrats to acknowledge "high crimes or misdemeanors," but even myopic, rabid partisans, may be compelled to respond to the prospect of what more and more are diffidently acknowledging could be Treason.