MAY 25, 1998
Impeach 'em All...The president, the Congress, the media
© 1998

Congress, both the Democrats and Republicans, should be ashamed of themselves. Congress, as an entity, is guilty of dereliction of duty, malfeasance and felonious myopia. It has had as an accomplice in its epic diffidence and obfuscation, the mainstream media. History will eventually expose this administration for what it is: a synthesis of Caligula, Machiavelli and Moe Howard. However, Bill Clinton will not stand alone in the shadow of historical perspective as a lone national embarrassment who succeeded in abusing power under the color of authority. Complicit with the philanderer-in-chief will stand the Democratic Party leadership for not leading, and permitting an administration to ignore the laws of the nation, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Republican Party's lack of leadership and courage will share the shame, plus an added measure for their failure to exploit an alleged control of Congress. Both parties are to blame for allowing the administration to denigrate the office of the presidency (as a tool for abusive personal privilege), the nation (as a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder), and our national essence (as prescribed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and routinely ignored). The once-upon-a-time "Fourth Estate" will also bear the burden and scars of its petty, egomaniacal, self-serving, patronizing plethora of puke. The country used to depend on, and look to, the media to be their watchdog ... to dig and ferret out the facts, complete with warts and blemishes. Contemporary mainstream media has instead become not a watchdog, but a lapdog, functioning more as a philosophical propaganda machine intent on protecting the guilty, misrepresenting (or rationalizing) the facts, and feathering their own nests (which they routinely foul with their own waste). I recently took a phone call on the air from a listener (a decorated Vietnam Vet, successful business owner, and elected local official) who asked a simple question: "High crimes or misdemeanors? Isn't that the criteria for impeachment?" Notwithstanding the absurdity of cretins like James Carville, partisanship aside, what HAS been revealed as fact about the president? There are long lists of allegations, some of which in the fullness of time may be proved, some refuted. There are long lists of 'curious' oddities which 'appear' inappropriate or criminal. However, from what do we now know, isn't there substantial evidence to proceed with the Impeachment process? Secretary of State Warren Christopher rejected transfer of satellite technology to Red China for reasons of "national security." That view was shared by the Department of Defense and assorted security advisers. However, five months after that decision, this president overturned his own Cabinet experts and approved the transfer of advanced weapons technology to a Communist potential aggressor who just a few years ago threatened to lob a nuclear weapon at Los Angeles. It has been well documented that not only did the administration receive large quantities of money from Red Chinese sources, but that they had been warned by their own people of a host of problems with many of the players. Yet to be confirmed, but any day now, the administration reportedly will hand over Long Beach Naval Station to COSCO (solely owned subsidiary of the Red Chinese army). Despite a recent congressional rebuke and pending Senate restrictions on future China gifting. I have noted previously (but this deserves repeating and update) that to date seven special prosecutors have been appointed; eight Cabinet members have been investigated; 14 guilty pleas and convictions have been obtained by Judge Starr including one governor, one associate attorney general and two Clinton business partners. Two indictments are pending; seven individuals, five corporations and one law firm have been convicted as a result of special prosecutor Donald Smaltz. Three indictments are pending, including one against a former Agriculture secretary; seven more indictments are pending in the investigation by Independent Counsel David Barrett including an indictment of former HUD Secretary Cisneros; six indictments or guilty pleas have been obtained in inquiries growing out of the Ron Brown situations; Over $10.5 million has been assessed in fines and costs as a result of the Smaltz investigation (which is running a profit); over 900 FBI files have been misappropriated by the White House; some 160 visits were made to the White House by Johnny Chung, James Riady, John Huang, and Charlie Trie (all of whom are subjects of investigations); The 1996 Clinton campaign had BUDGETED $1 million to pay for possible/anticipated campaign finance fines; 577 campaign contributors were given overnights at the White House in the two years prior to the 1996 election; 40 problem areas were listed in a memo by Clinton's own lawyer in preparation for the President's defense; Over 200,000 names are estimated to be in the White House database without the knowledge of those listed; 72 Whitewater witnesses who have been sought by congressional committees have pled the 5th Amendment, fled the country, or are foreigners who have to date refused to be interviewed; 17 men who have served Clinton as bodyguards or aides have died violently, four during the Waco disaster and the rest in plane crashes; five others in the circle of Clinton have been killed in plane crashes, six have died of unknown causes, three have been murdered, two have died in fatal skiing accidents, one in a car accident and one of a heart attack while in solitary confinement. As a young Army officer I was taught that a leader is "responsible for the welfare, discipline, and tactical deployment of his men." Perhaps it is naive of me to assume that those same responsibilities should correspond to the president. However, in the wake of all we know, and all that is developing, is it maybe possible that a House Judiciary subcommittee might be able to find some "high crimes or misdemeanors"? If not, they would be equally incapable of finding their overstuffed political butts with both hands.