MARCH 30, 1998
The strange death of Jim McDougal
© 1998

I receive a huge volume of unsolicited material by mail, fax, and email. Much of it is old news and wild scurrilous stuff which can't be corroborated. However, every once in a while a pearl comes in over the transom which makes you go "hmmmmmmmmmmm." I know a very reliable source who has been corresponding with an activist in prison. This inmate has been sentenced and is serving a prison term at the Ft. Worth Federal Prison, where Whitewater Conspirator Jim McDougal was also serving time. Reportedly this inmate is a rational, thoughtful, clear-headed, grassroots activist who is not concerned with blue helmets, Trilateralists, or the Rockefellers. He is in prison because he sincerely believes that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says and thought he had a right to exercise it. Were he to have been living in Vermont, he would be a free man today. For his safety, we will not reveal his identity. The following are entirely his words without embellishment or comment. The letter was dated 3/11/98. My comments follow his claims. "I thought that my stories of interest had ended with my sentencing and being sent to the prison hospital facility here in Fort Worth. Until my friend Jim McDougal died last Saturday night. "I believe that he was murdered! So does every other inmate in this prison. All 1,442 of them. "So many bizarre things occurred last Saturday afternoon that the government's story doesn't hold much water. It started at 4 o'clock count when an olive drab "Blackhawk" helicopter with NO markings on it whatsoever, landed outside the fence of the prison. Count was completed and we went to dinner. Upon completion of our evening meal at 6:05 the helicopter took off and flew over the compound at maybe 150 ft. "Hundreds of us (inmates) saw this helicopter take off. At 6:10 the compound was locked down and at the same time Jim was taken to give a urine specimen for drug testing which is very odd in itself because he's not here for drugs. "When I had lunch with Jim at noon on Sat., he was in good health and was even jovial. He was looking forward to testifying before Ken Starr's grand jury, and the release of his book. "During the compound lockdown after dinner, he was injected with a drug in the clinic, supposedly 'Lasix' to make him urinate, then put into the hold by himself, where he died. "It was not the right time for urinalysis; he was not taken to the right place where it's done; he shouldn't have even had a UA, and even though a doctor had previously noted on his file that he had urinary tract problems, and should not be forced to urinate on command. He was given an injection of what was said was 'Lasix,' a diuretic. "He was taken to John Petersmith Hospital, which is odd in itself, because ALL inmates are taken to Ft. Worth Osteopathic Hospital where the B.O.P.'s [Bureau of Prisons] contract is. "I am NOT a black helicopter conspiracy nut. I saw this with my own eyes close enough that I could have hit it with a rock." I have interviewed a long list of people regarding strange, potentially illegal activity surrounding the Clinton cabal. Larry Nichols, Trooper Larry Patterson, Terry Reed, Chris Ruddy, Patrick Knowlton, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, R. Emmett Tyrrell, and others have all told strange and compelling stories. For over three years I have maintained a list of "suspicious deaths" surrounding Clinton. Initially, I was reluctant to include Jim McDougal. I am no longer reticent, and have added McDougal to the list. The above story, like the list itself, includes too many "coincidences": the alleged helicopter, the prison lockdown, the drug test order, the injection, the wrong time for a urine test, the wrong location for a urine test, the inappropriate isolation, and moving the body to a different hospital than routine. Coincidences are less and less likely to be coincidences as they grow in number. We have tried to confirm the helicopter, the lockdown, and questions about the drug test, the lasix injection, and the hospital move. The Bureau of Prisons would not confirm or deny. Air Traffic Control claims confirming the helicopter is too difficult and costly to pursue. We have confirmed that the body was taken to John Petersmith Hospital, which is not routine.