JANUARY 5, 1998
Whatever happened to morality, ethics, honor?
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Synonyms for "honest" are ethical, honorable, moral, trustworthy, upright and virtuous. It is passing odd that not one of those words has been applied to the current president of the United States. Several weeks ago Mark Helprin wrote and outstanding piece for the Wall Street Journal called 'Impeach." In it he drew comparisons between the Watergate investigation which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon, and the growing litany of Clinton administration embarrassments. The most significant difference he noted was that in the mid-'70s, partisan Republicans recognized the point of diminishing return in defending the indefensible. Thus far, no Democrat has demonstrated the strength of character, ethical epiphany, or courage, to step forward to join Bob Barr in demanding Congress pursue the Impeachment option. Who will be the one? I host a radio talk show five days a week in San Francisco. Before the Clintons moved to the district of criminals, I noted that here was a man who could speak to one group in the morning with unbridled enthusiasm, charisma, and believability (thesis), and speak to others, with diametrically opposed positions, later the same day with the same degree of enthusiasm, charisma and believability (antithesis), and never feel compelled to synthesize the two divergent positions. The amazing thing (as reported consistently by those who know him) is he apparently believes what he's saying when he says it. The Clintons ran Arkansas like a feudal fiefdom, and demonstrated their hubris and myopia when they tried to do the same in Washington. Remember Hillary's health-care task force? You should, it's going to cost you over $285,000. I have been interviewing a wide variety of guests, in the arena of talk radio for years, who have been critical of the Clinton administration and what has become the routine and growing litany of lies, obstruction, sandbagging, procrastinating, disingenuous duplicity, and consistent abuse of power under the color of authority. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard waxed poetic and remarkably insightful when he wrote, "The American elite, I am afraid to say, is almost beyond redemption. Moral relativism has set in so deeply that the gilded classes have become incapable of discerning right from wrong. Everything can be explained away, especially by journalists. Life is one great moral mush-sophistry washed down with Chardonnay." Hooray! and Bingo! Chris Ruddy has been vilified for merely asking answers to questions which scream out to be answered by reasonable people. Patrick Knowlton told us about FBI abuses, and dirty tricks that would have made Machiavelli proud. Trooper Larry Patterson has told anyone who is willing to listen of Clinton's abuse of power in Arkansas. Larry Nichols still expects to end up like Jerry Parks for speaking out of school. The Knowlton addendum to the Ken Starr report (and the court's support of him and insistence that the addendum be added of the Starr report, effectively abrogating the official absurdity of Starr's conclusions ) speaks volumes to those capable of reading. The fact that the mainstream media have been complicit in crimes real and perceived is no longer even arguable. Whitewater, Waco, Ruby Ridge. Oklahoma City, the Travel Office firings, the FBI files used for political purposes by partisans who couldn't get a security clearance or pass a drug test, Hillary's official/unofficial Health Care Task Force, using the IRS and Justice Department as political tools to punish perceived enemies, converting the blood ground of Arlington into a patronage gift for partisan service and political contributions ad nauseum. In the wake of all the above and more, the standing operating procedure of the Clinton administration, the policy if you will, has been to lie, obstruct, stall, and obfuscate. At what point does some Democrat, any Democrat either as a product of righteous indignation, or self preservation for their territorial imperative, stand up and say "Enough!"? Hell-o??? Democrats ... Bill Clinton is not only dragging the Republic into the cesspool of global governance . ... He is destroying the Democratic party, content to discard it like a used toilet tissue. Somewhere, somehow, sometime (hopefully in the not too distant or too late future) some Democrat has to stand up and try to restore morality, ethics and honor. Dr. Robert Jarvick, the man who invented the artificial heart, once said "Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. They make things happen." Is there anywhere in that 87 square miles surrounded by reality of the district of criminals a democrat who has a "poorly developed sense of fear"? America is waiting.